Why Solar Is the Clean Energy Choice

Clean Energy TechnologyClean energy resources are receiving a lot of attention these days and central to the debate is picking the next clean power winner. Put simply, what people really want to know is which clean power source can serve our energy needs in the most cost-effective manner.

Solar energy, hands down, takes the cake in both departments. When all things are factored into the equation, like New Jersey’s clean energy financing options and the industry’s technological advancements, solar simply stands out as the most reliable and cost-effective clean energy resource of all.

Solar is the Most Viable Clean Energy Source

For starters, when choosing a clean energy technology, the first thing to consider is which resource is actually viable. Unlike wind, geothermal and biomass, which have glaring geographic limitations, solar energy can be harnessed effectively nearly everywhere, because the sun shines all over; it can even be captured when it’s cloudy. As an example, many Pacific Northwestern states are seeing solar markets take off, despite having some of the most overcast days in the country. With its frequency of sunny days, just imagine how effective solar is in New Jersey…VERY!

Solar Has Most Reliable Output and Then Some

Beyond the fact that New Jersey has plenty of sunlight to work with, most studies point to solar as the winner when it comes to energy output; meaning, solar out-produces its competitors. As such, unlike wind or biomass, homeowners can feel secure that they’ll have ample electricity to meet their daytime demand. In some circumstances, homeowners may even have a surplus of energy, which can be sold back to the grid!

Solar, Clean Power Financing Drives Costs Down

This leads to my next point – New Jersey’s solar industry has a robust clean energy financing infrastructure that, when factored into the equation, sets solar apart from all other clean energy sources from a cost standpoint. The Federal government has made available a 30% investment tax credit (ITC) right off the top. As well, the state of New Jersey has a strong SREC program that delivers additional revenue from your solar system.

In addition to incentives that drive overall costs down, there are a number of financing options available that make investing in solar a no-brainer. With Geoscape Solar, consumers can lease a solar system on a month-to-month basis with no money down or you can choose our Solar EasyOwn™ prepaid lease option that reduces the cost of a solar system by nearly 40%!

Solar Pays Back From Day One

Aside from the upfront costs, it’s important to also look at the big picture. Unlike a monthly energy bill, a solar photovoltaic system means solar owners start receiving the returns immediately through a reduction in their monthly bill. Beyond the incentives, that I explained above, New Jersey has established net metering policies, whereby solar producers can actually sell their excess electricity back to the grid and generate revenue at retail prices.

Solar is the Clean Energy Technology Choice for New Jersey

Whether it is the cost, the incentives, or the savings, solar energy is the clean energy choice for New Jersey. You owe it to your self to understand why solar has an outstanding return on investment, it positive for the environment, and will reduce your monthly expenses. It really is a no-brainer.

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