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Pay less for your energy. The high overhead that comes with running a company demands cost-cutting wherever possible. By switching to solar energy, companies can benefit from drastically lowering utility costs. Experts agree that electric rates will continue to climb faster than inflation. Commercial solar energy systems allow you to free yourself from the instability of global energy markets. A solar installation provides high returns and helps to minimize escalating utility costs while presenting your company as an environmentally conscientious, green business. With a lifespan of 25-40 years, commercial solar panel installation provides longevity and dependability.

How It Works



When you chose Geoscape Solar, you are choosing the most qualified professionals in the industry to design, finance, install and maintain your property’s Solar Energy System. Our commercial design and financing is customized and tailored to fit your needs. We’ve helped businesses install solar power systems to help them meet their sustainability and financial goals. Let us show you how easy it can be for yours.

Commercial Funding



Business owners have a variety of options to finance their systems. Geoscape Solar’s Commercial Finance Team specializes in creating custom finance options that best suits our client’s needs. The 30% tax credit has been renewed! Converting to Solar Energy with a Geoscape Solar System will ultimately pay for itself and provide years and years of of clean, green energy.

Business Development



If you believe strongly in the benefits of solar energy as a way to help protect the environment and save money, then become a Solar Envoy! Spread the good word about solar energy systems from Geoscape Solar and help your neighbors, friends, employees, colleagues and family members avoid rising utility energy costs.