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Utility rates tend to rise unpredictably in many markets all over the country. Thanks to innovations in solar technology and financing, it's now more affordable for homeowners to switch to solar power.

  • Start saving with $0 down

  • Get predictable energy rates for years to come

  • Earn referral rewards with our Solar Ambassador program

  • Save more money for the things you care about



How it works


When you choose Geoscape Solar, you are choosing the most qualified professionals in the industry to design, finance, install and maintain your Solar Energy System. Geoscape Solar Advisors are experts in the field and able to answer all your questions in detail as it pertains to your solar project.  As our mission states, we make it easy for you to go solar.

 Your Geoscape Solar Advisor will be by your side for the entire project from start to finish. And once we get started, you will have a dedicated Project Coordinator who will oversee every aspect of your installation.

Residential Funding



 Homeowners have a variety of options to finance their systems. Geoscape Solar’s Residential Finance Team specializes in creating custom finance options that best suits our client’s needs.  The 30% Federal Tax credit was renewed! Converting to Solar Energy with a Geoscape Solar System will ultimately pay for itself and provide years and years of clean, green energy.

Referral Partnership




If you believe strongly in the benefits of solar energy as a way to help protect the environment and save money, then become a Solar Envoy! Spread the good word about solar energy systems from Geoscape Solar and help your neighbors, friends, employees, colleagues and family members avoid rising utility energy costs.