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President Trump just announced a 30% tariff on Solar Panels, effective February 6.


Geoscape Solar remains determined to keep installing solar panels that produce clean, Green Energy!


Why did the President impose a solar tariff?

Two domestic manufacturers, Georgia-based Suniva and Oregon-based SolarWorld, both of which are wrapped up in bankruptcies, have complained about competing with cheaper panels produced in Asia.

Under the guise of defending American businesses and workers, President Trump imposed tariffs on imported solar panel components and large residential washing machines. The tariff artificially inflates the prices of foreign products so companies like Suniva and SolarWorld can keep their domestic prices higher.

But is the President really helping American companies?

Suniva has a Chinese majority owner and Solar-World is a unit of the German manufacturer SolarWorld AG.

U.S. solar panel installations grew dramatically in recent years. Solar panel prices have fallen by more than 70 percent since 2010, making it increasingly affordable for an average homeowner to install solar panels and take advantage of their many financial benefits.

Now the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) worries that if prices go up, the solar installation boom (and the American jobs it supports) could come to a halt.

Geoscape Solar has your back!

Geoscape and its customers will thrive despite the tariff increase! We are committed to continuing growth in the solar industry, expanding the American job market and reducing the global output of carbon dioxide.

Geoscape anticipated the tariff increase and is proud to announce that we will absorb the impact of any tariff price increases (residential solar systems only), so you won't feel the hurt.

Why You Shouldn't Wait to Go Solar

  • Utility companies across the country have plans to increase electricity rates - Solar helps you mitigate the risk of inflating electricity prices
  • Geoscape Solar will show you how to maximize your solar savings in the short and long term. This is significant money that can be spent on you, your family, put into investments, savings, or reduce your overhead
  • Geoscape will help you take advantage of federal and state incentives that cover 80-85% (even more for commercail solar customers) of the cost of solar
  • Geoscape Solar can guide you through the solar process with NO money out of pocket and other creative financing options