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Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leader is infectious disease, has confirmed that Santa Claus IS coming to town and he will not be bringing COVID-19!

Fauci explained this to USA TODAY by stating: “Santa is exempt from this because Santa, of all the good qualities, has a lot of good innate immunity.”

What does it mean to have innate immunity? Certain studies have shown that centuries of good deeds, spreading joy, and clean living builds up a natural immunity to most viruses and illnesses.

“In all my years making toys, checking in on good deeds, and delivering presents on Christmas, said Santa. “I’ve never taken a sick day and I’m not planning to take one in 2020!”

How does Santa manage this incredible feat? Let’s take an inside look at his practices:


Santa's Carport Powered By Geoscape SolarSanta’s Non-Profit workshop is powered by Solar Energy which was installed by New Jersey Solar Provider: Geoscape Solar. He was able to finance the system through Geoscape Solar’s exclusive Power Purchase Agreement for Commercial and Non-Profit Properties.

“I researched all around the globe for top solar energy providers,” Santa reported. “Geoscape Solar was by far the most qualified and professional solar installer I met with.”

Santa explained that having a solar energy company based in New Jersey did not hold up production because Geoscape Solar is a member-owner of the Amicus Solar Cooperative. Amicus Solar allows for member companies to compete with large companies in terms of best solar practices and pricing on high efficiency materials.

After Santa saw the solar savings from his non-profit workshop, Santa partnered with Geoscape Solar to install solar on his residence.

“Mrs. Claus was worried about what the solar array would look like on our roof,” Santa confided. “However, after Geoscape finished installing our solar array, she was thrilled with both the solar design and the overall aesthetics.”

Ever the solar advocate, this past year Santa invested in an Electric Sled and then had Geoscape Solar build him solar powered carport.

Santa went on to say that last year, while he was delivering toys on Christmas Eve, he saw the beautiful solar carports that Geoscape installed at The Wilshire Grand Hotel in West Orange, LifeTown in Livingston, and New Brunswick Theological Seminary and knew he had to have one.

The Wilshire Grand Solar Carport

The Wilshire Grand Hotel Has Multiple Roof Arrays and Two Charging Carports

“Geoscape Solar made the process of converting to solar energy during a pandemic safe, easy, and affordable.” Santa added.

Living in The North Pole is very favorable to residents who wish to go solar. The North Pole is has the same solar tax credits and incentives as the state of New Jersey.

It should also be mentioned that as of last year, Santa dropped his practice of delivering coal to naughty children. Instead, Santa delivers them solar powered calculators.


Santa Zooms with Geoscape FansAlthough Santa has innate immunity, Santa’s Elves and their children do not. Neither does Mrs. Claus. With this in mind, Santa upgraded his internet in order to work remotely whenever possible. He not only zooms with his elves, but with boys and girls as well.

“Malls can be very crowded and noisy. During this global pandemic, children should be wearing masks and social distance. It is very hard to hear them from six feet away.” Santa explained. “I’m making very few appearances at malls and zooming with boys and girls instead. My Elves and workers are also on the zoom calls. To ensure accuracy, and we record and re-watch all requests.”

When Santa comes down the chimney on Christmas, he will be wearing a mask, gloves, and a face shield. Santa believes that as a leader, it is important to set a good example.


Santa Joy to Solar Powered WorldSanta trains for 3 hours every day with his eight reindeer in preparation for ‘the big night.’ The weight of all the toys he delivers is well over a ton.

Santa generally eats a low-carb diet, but he makes an exception on Christmas Eve when he eats every single cookie left out of for him by children across the globe.

Santa puts up with daily accusations about being “a hoax” and still manages to stay positive and jolly. How does he do this? Santa meditates every day to clear his mind.

“I’m in the same basket as Climate Change,” Santa laughs. “I know what is real. I focus on the joy of the holiday season and protecting our precious planet. That makes everything right with the world.”  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

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