NFP Funding

In the past, many religious and non-profit institutions have looked into solar, only to have their environmental aspirations squashed by the previous high financial costs of solar. Today, the combination of innovative financing, falling solar PV panel costs, and generous incentives can help solar make sense for many tax exempt institutions.

Non-Profit organizations have a variety of options to finance their systems. Geoscape Solar’s Finance Team specializes in creating custom finance options that best suits your needs. Converting to Solar Energy with a Geoscape Solar System will ultimately pay for itself and provide decades of free, clean, green energy. Simply put, going Solar makes pure financial sense. A lower utility bill, tax credits, TRECs and a positive image within your community are an unbeatable combination of assets.

Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

  • No upfront costs
  • You pay only for the electricity your Solar system produces
  • Terms from 15 – 25 years
  • Your organization gets all of the electricity savings
  • The PPA company owns the system
  • The PPA company gets the tax benefits
  • The PPA company keeps the state incentives
  • The PPA company provides maintenance

Geoscape Solar EasyOwn™ PPA

  • NO monthly lease payments
  • Single upfront payment
  • Tax deductible with home equity financing
  • Save 15% or more off the purchase price
  • You keep all TRECs