Residential Funding

Homeowners have a variety of options to finance their systems. Geoscape Solar’s Residential Finance Team specializes in creating custom finance options that best suits our client’s needs. The 26% Federal Tax credit was renewed! Converting to Solar Energy with a Geoscape Solar System will ultimately pay for itself and provide years and years of clean, green energy.

Unsecured Solar Loans

  • No money out of pocket in most cases
  • Short and long term options to fit your budget
  • Low interest rates
  • You keep all government incentives
  • Let your solar savings make your loan payments

Solar Monthly Lease

  • No money out of pocket
  • Savings start in your first month
  • Low monthly payments
  • Save up to 40% on your electric costs
  • Includes monitoring, repairs, and insurance
  • Includes production guarantee

Geoscape Solar EasyOwn Lease™

  • NO monthly lease payments
  • Single upfront payment
  • Tax deductible with home equity financing
  • Save 15% or more off the purchase price
  • You keep all TRECs

Solar Home Equity Loan

Why keep your equity locked up in your home where you get no return on your money? Free up the cash and invest it in solar where you will get the reliable cash flow from TRECs. You can use up to 90% of the value of your home to support a solar equity loan with 5 and 10 year options, low interest rates and a fixed repayment schedule. This loan can be used to finance 100% of the cost of your solar energy system.

Everyone’s financial condition is different, and we don’t come to you with a “cookie cutter” solution. We work with you first to take advantage of all the incentives available and your own financial resources. But, then we can offer the broadest array of additional financing options in the market. Financing your solar project is your choice… and we never forget that important fact.