Solar Equipment

Geoscape Solar uses the most reliable and functional equipment available in the market. Geoscape Solar will only partner with companies that back their product with a solid, dependable warranty. Certified by many solar manufacturers, Geoscape Solar is an authorized Residential and Commercial partner for SunPower – maker of the world’s most efficient solar panels.

Solar Panels

Geoscape Solar uses some of the best brands of solar modules available, including: SunPower; LG; SolarWorld; and Hyundai. All Geoscape solar panels come with a 25-year power performance warranty and at least a 10-year workmanship warranty.


Geoscape Solar uses all of the current inverter technologies, including micro-inverters, solar optimizers, and traditional string inverters.


Solar systems can be installed on rooftops, open lawn spaces and in parking lots. Geoscape Solar uses traditional market and custom racking solutions most appropriate for your specific solar project.

Production Monitoring

Once you install a solar system, you need to know how much electricity you are getting from it. With every solar installation, Geoscape Solar provides a revenue-grade production meter. All of our solar meters are capable of online monitoring and many come with cellular backup.