The Geoscape Difference

There are many aspects that separates Geoscape Solar from other companies. We operate on the principle of Solar Solar Done Right.™  This means providing what you need to go solar with confidence and conviction – Knowledge, Financing, Performance and Support. When you sign with Geoscape Solar, we strive to make sure that you are 100% comfortable and convinced that going Solar with Geoscape is the best possible option for you. Geoscape Solar has one of the highest referral rates in the country.

As members of the Amicus Solar Cooperative, Geoscape Solar is able to provide our clients the most competitive pricing and best practices in all aspects of going solar.

Speak with our clients. We have every confidence that they will tell you a story of a company that knowledgeably provides you with key facts, comprehensive financing options, top-notch engineering, quality products, turnkey installation and on-going customer service that has earned Geoscape Solar an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau since our inception in 2008.

Switching to Solar Energy Involves Three Simple Steps:

1) Consultation & Financing

A Geoscape Solar Advisor will educate you about the financial and environmental benefits of utilizing Solar Energy. You will learn about Federal and State incentives, energy savings, and financing options. You will have access to a team of financial experts who will work with you to develop the most cost effective way for you to convert to solar energy.

2) Design

A professional engineer will analyze your property and design a system to meet your goals. Geoscape Solar uses the highest quality products that ensures that you will get the maximum efficiency in terms of results.

3) Installation

Geoscape Solar manages the installation process from start to finish with a dedicated Project Coordinator responsible for overseeing every aspect of your project experience.

Geoscape Solar was founded on the concept that a solar company should never compromise on integrity, trust, or honesty. Our founders believe that if a customer is not right for solar, then we shouldn’t try to convince them to install solar. At the core is the idea that solar energy benefits the environment, reduces electric bills, and provides an unmatched return on investment. When you have a great product, why do you need tell a customer anything less than the truth?