Truth in Solar Program

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You’re here because you want to know how much your roof could be worth – and you want to take us up on our Truth In Solarâ„¢ guarantee!

To estimate for yourself how much your roof could be worth, watch the video below and then click here to download our simple guide. {this should be a direct download link – not an optin – that gives them a digital version of the 6pg brochure}. {The video will be a recording of one of us delivering the demo, which is effectively the directions & the sales pitch for booking an appointment}.

To get a more precise estimate, use this form to request a 15-minute free consultation with one of our expert Solar Advisors. {this will be an optin form with the following fields: Best Day (m/t/w/th/f/s/s), Best Time (morning/ afternoon/ evening), monthly electric bill, email address. Only those 4 fields. Then on the thank you page of that form, we ask them to fill out a second form with a bunch more info: name, address, whatever.